Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Suggest new and better components

Feel that the components we're using are not powerful enough?
Got a new idea that u think may just work?
Found a better IC that can furthur aid our purpose of controlling the robot?
Or do you just feel like challenging our ways to keep us on our feet? =D

Well, if you're any of the above, then feel free to suggest improvements an how we can make our robot better!

Of course, with all suggestions, we need some rationale to support the change right? Before u suggest a change please recearch and provide a comparison on the following details between the old technology and the new idea (and write an essay if needed, hehe):

-How is it better
(lighther?, easier? faster?)
(seen the product or an example? tell us where. Pictures worth more than words, and the item itself is priceless, hehe =D
(Not nescessarily cheaper, but is it proportional to the performance gain?)
(where can get n is it in stock? or need order?)
(except for ideas, ALL suggestions should (must actually) come with a link to the datasheet or item specifications. Items with no datasheet or with general info only are often not on par with performance, so none of it thanks)
(How are we suppose to incorporate the new device or idea into our current robots and/or technique? Any change can be made, but if it's with the cost of dumping all previous effort, then we'll think trice (3 times) =D
-YOUR PERSONAL BEST OPINION ->Often, it's not the product specs, but HOW u present it to us that makes us think twice =D So persuade us 'gau gau' wih all the reasons in the world and we might just use ur idea =D

U can post it in the 'comment' section of this post or e-mail it to any one of the directors, or just tell it to us when u see us in school.

Happy Researching!!

(P.S.: I've taken note of previous suggestions, like using the PIC18 series and using the encoder-DC motor to name a few, but like stated above, please research a bit and provide the relevant information and i'll reconsider. thanks!)

Thursday, September 11, 2008

UTAR Blind Robot Competition 2009

On the coming January 2009 Semester, 4 February 2009, UTAR ROBOCOM will orgenize a competiton : " UTAR Blind Robot Competition" which open to all UTAR students. Wish that though this competition, we can learn and share more about "How to build and program a smart and high fexibility robot?".
This competition will be mainly foces on the programming for the robot which the robot in competition will be required to "run" in certain route as fast as posible, as accuary as you can. Pls kindly refer to the "Rules & Rugulation File" for detail.
Thank you.

Download link:

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

1 more Tutorial Kit!

There is 1 more tutorial kit with me!!
The programmer of the group without the tutorial kit PLEEAASE sms me and arrange a meetup so that i can give it to u, if not you won't be able to do Research and Development (RnD) during the short sem. Thanks!

Contact me at bluebirdccs2002@hotmail.com or 012-300-6783
Hi all!! Regarding to our chairman's concern of programming, the following 2 tutorial files have been compiled by me (with reference to their respective websites) n i refer to them for my programming lessons and techniques also, so take a look:

1)What is a Microcontroller_PIC programming

This is a basic introdution to microcontrollers and programming techniques involved for the PIC, which gives a revision of what is a microcontroller, and explains in detail most of the basic operations like creating time delay and outputting data. Read this first!! All said n done, for those who know NOTHING about microcontroler programming, you will need an extra introductory lesson with me. More about that on the next post.
Download File here: http://www.mediafire.com/?byvadagkpaq

2)Nigels PIC Tutorials

This set of tutorials has lots of codes, but won't have explanations on the basics, as it assumes you've already known that. Although less explanation on the basics, it does focus on all the advance features of the PIC and how to use them in a 'simple' way. Great place for source code templates but be sure to UNDERSTAND the code before copying or you may not get wat u think you would get (^-^)"
Download File here: http://www.mediafire.com/?crvqjnousaq

For those who have knowledge in microcontroller programming (from whatever manufacturer, like Motorola, Atmel, Micro Stamp....) will feel right at home with the tutorials.For those who don't know, i'll discuss with our chairman and see what suitable time during the sem break should i hold the small tutorial class (somewhere between 20th and 26th).

Hope it helps! =D
My email: bluebirdccs2002@hotmail.com
phone :012-300 6783

Robocon 2009

Rules and Regulations for Robocon 2009 has been released!!
For further information, please click here

In 2009, this contest will be hosted in Japan! Wow, what a nice country. Looking forward to that if we are able to go into the international contest, but first we have to face the challenges from all participants within our country.

Gambateh to "we" all!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Robocon 2008 International Final

The Final of Robocon 2008 held at Pune, India. The final was played between Egypt and China. China won with a margin of just 1 point.

RoboCup 2007 (Humanoid-Type)

Team Osaka (Japan) vs. NimbRo (Univ. of Freiburg, Germany)
The 2007 final was one of the best humanoid soccer games ever, if not the best. Team Osaka played with one goalie and one field player while NimbRo used two field players. The Osaka robots were very quick to approach the ball and to kick it across the field. The NimbRo robots excelled in one-on-one fights for the ball and also demonstrated nice team play. The exciting game was open until the end. The final score was 8:6 for NimbRo.

Robocon 2008 National Final

robocon 2008 india national. mit vs nit

Videos in Robocon 2008

Mongolia Team

Thailand Team