Saturday, February 6, 2010

General Meeting 11/2/2010

Dear all members of Robotic Society,

We are going to have our special general meeting in 11/2/2010, 4pm at SE110.

The general meeting is going to give you a chance for have a outlook of our robotic society.
Besides this,
We are going to take part in ROBOCON 2010

We invite you become part of our team so we can move forward to build a robot which can shine in the contest and gain the honor for UTAR ROBOTIC SOCIETY.

We ensure you can learn a lot of software and hardware skill when you give heart to our robotic society.

Do come to join our general meeting, you will find in UTAR, you are more than you are once you join ROBOTIC SOCIETY.

Don't let your campus life boring and plain, give it a colour.
We wait for you in the coming thursday. You are our honourable guest.

Best Regards,
Robotic Society committee